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Mar 31, 2014

My mind is too powerful for me

We walked down the street along with the akward silence we got used to. I could barely look at him, once again i didnt knew what he was thinking. We sat on the grass as the anoying police woman look at us, near the big water fountain and the train lines close to us.
I stared at him with the same look i had every time i screw up, with fear and blame. Then my mouth open.

"This is the place where i fell for you. This is the place where you first open up to me. This is where you showed me that you are never as broken as you thing you are, this is the place where you told me im stronger than i could realized. This is where you told me why you left home, how your dreams started and all the things you went through to be where you are now. This is not the place where we first met but this is the place where this began. A place that has never saw us fighting."

" when we first met i never thought that we would stand where we are now. But that day something change, i met the strong Pat, the caring one, the one who wont come down that easily. You are for me one of the strongest persons i have met. You make me wanna be better,you make me lose fear. You taught me i dont need anyone to be , but in that moment i decided i wanted to be happy with you"

"But the thing is that I dont feel strong yet, little things still make me crumble like an old castle. I say i try but i know i must try harder, that i should do the things i promise to myself. Like when i say i’ll stick to my diet or not get worried if things at college gets hard. And im not trying to make more drama,cause we got plenty of it, and im so sick of that part of me. But there is one thing i wanted to say so i’ll be brave"

"I know it wont be easy, but please dont give up on me, i want to change, i want to be strong, i want to be with you"

“I know i build rage, i know im a freaking time bomb,but im trying to figure this out. Im trying not to be this part of me, the part im sick of. I just want you to give me a chance, give us a chance.Please.”

But he kept looking to nowhere.

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